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Drink Rum, Save Turtles

Save Our Turtles

Our mission is to help save the Hawksbill Turtle while bringing joy to the people with our delicious spiced rum

A Rum with a cause

Let's save our turtles

We adore sea turtles. Whether you’ve been lucky enough to get up close and personal with them or witnessed the magical experience of seeing the hatchlings making their way to the ocean, then you’ll know why. It’s experiences like these that stay with you forever.

The critically endangered Hawksbill turtle is in trouble and in real danger of extinction. These ancient creatures face many threats with the majority, we’re sad to say, due to human actions and lifestyle.

Only 1% will survive its first years
Bycatch & ghost fishing
Plastic polluting habitat
Coastal development reducing nesting space
Climate change killing the coral reefs they rely on for food
Human exploitation

Barbados Sea Turtle Project

Meet our conservation partner

Numbers of the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle are declining and that’s why we’ve partnered with the incredible Barbados Sea Turtle Project and donate 10% of our profits from every bottle to support their amazing work. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram to see their latest work.

Our amazing conservation partner in Barbados

The team hard at work securing the nesting pit

BSTP to the rescue! Giving a sea turtle a lift back to the ocean

Cute hatchling making its way to the ocean

Carla helping out a turtle that was trapped in the rocks

Heading back after a long day volunteering

Volunteer hard at work on the island

Sunsets and sea turtles - two of our favourite things!

Did you know?

Sea Turtles have existed for around 100million years – the time of the dinosaurs. Isn’t that incredible?
Hawksbills get their name from their beak-like mouths and have beautiful patterned ‘tortoiseshell’ and flippers
Harvesting hawksbill turtles for their shell nearly drove the population to extinction. Their shell was used to make jewellery and trinkets
Sea turtles have important roles in maintaining the health of the oceans. Hawksbills, maintain the coral reefs by feasting on sponges

Time For Change


Climate change is now inescapable and everyone in the world needs to own the responsibility to protect the future of our beautiful planet for generations to come. Taking positive action now no matter how small can help. PLASTIC IN THE OCEANS IS A HUGE ISSUE, WHICH IS WHY WE'VE MADE SURE WE USE ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING TO HELP TO REDUCE THE IMPACT.
Plant based inks
Corks from waste material
Recyclable and sustainable materials
Sugarcane fibre paper label
New lightweight bottle to reduce carbon footprint


Making waves

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