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Hawksbill Caribbean Spiced Rum

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A delicious blend of Caribbean rums from Guyana and Trinidad charged with a distinctive combination of spices.

Every bottle funds sea turtle conservation projects in the Caribbean helping to protect the environment of the Hawksbill turtle and preserve its future.

Pair with mixers or mix into cocktails. For a simple but amazing drink, pair with cola or ginger ale with a squeeze of lime.

70cl - 38.8% vol - 27.2 units

You'll receive your bottle in fully recyclable packaging to help reduce the amount of plastic pollution in our oceans. Plus, we've got a new lighter weight bottle helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the planet.

Please allow 3 - 5 working days for delivery. Shipping to UK Mainland only.


Latest Cocktails

Let's Mix It Up

Hawksbill Rum tastes great with a simple cola, ginger ale or in a cocktail. Join the party and enjoy one of our cocktail creations no matter the occasion.

Hot Buttered Rum Punch

Place sugar, butter, vanilla extract, and spices into a mug and mix. Pour in the syrup, rum, and juices before topping with hot water. Finish with a cinnamon stick and star anise!

Spiced Mango Daiquiri

Cheers to the festive season! Shake and double strain your cocktail into a coupe glass and top with a dusting of cinnamon.

Mulled Mai Tai

Christmas has arrived! Heat all ingredients in a pan on a medium heat and serve warm with an orange peel twist or wheel.

Gingerbread Mojito

Muddle the lime in a tall glass with the syrup and add crushed ice and Hawksbill rum. Stir and then add the mint leaves and more crushed ice. After another stir, top with a splash of ginger beer. Garnish with a mint sprig.

We've got fans!

Hawksbill Rum has a unique taste with so many flavours and we really enjoyed it. We've tasted a lot of rums before but this definitely left a lasting impression on us... very impressive! Nuff flava inna dis!
Original Flava, Caribbean Chefs
This is lush. The vanilla and caramel notes on the palette are pronounced yet not overpowering. Would buy again in a heartbeat!
Riva, Halifax
Brilliant stuff. Puts you in a good mood for good vibes!
Josh, Manchester

This rum is very smooth and nice. Try it with ginger ale - it tastes lovely. This is our second bottle!

Rosie, Birmingham

Very nice rum for sipping. Sweet and delicious.

Colin, Manchester
This is the 3rd bottle I've bought in the past 2 months. It's very smooth and easy to drink. It's a great rum and can compete with rums twice the price.
Jason, Glasgow

As seen in

Really nice rum. Great in cocktails and with most traditional mixers. Was a sweet spiced rum but definitely one I would buy again!
Love this smooth spiced rum. Delicious!
This is my new favourite rum! It's beautifully spiced and I love that it helps with sea turtle conservation.
Nice and smooth with a subtle spice. Great cause with 10% going towards saving the Hawksbill turtle. Will definitely buy again!
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