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Waves of flavour

With every taste of our rum, you'll experience a wave of sweet vanilla combined with toasted nutmeg, cinnamon and raisin before a hint of cardamom and sea salt settles on the taste buds.

Did we also mention we're award-winning? We scooped Gold medal at the 2021 rum masters.


Migratory Journey

Taste of the Caribbean

We bring together the very best Caribbean rums from Guyana and Trinidad and charge with our own distinctive combination of spices that complement each other brilliantly.

Protecting the Hawksbill Turtle

Drink Rum, Save Turtles

We donate 10% of our profits from every bottle to the Barbados Sea Turtle Project who work incredibly hard to protect the environment and future of the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle.

Sea turtles have been swimming in the oceans for much longer than we humans have been on the planet. Sadly, it's human lifestyle that has contributed to the threats they face.

Coastal development reducing nesting space
Less than 1 in 1000 make it to adulthood
Climate change killing the coral reefs they rely on for food
Plastic polluting habitat

Protecting our planet


If we all come together, we can make a positive impact on the planet and even small changes can have a big impact. Plastic in the oceans is a huge issue, which is why We've made sure we use eco-friendly packaging to help to reduce the impact.
Recyclable bottles and packaging
Labels printed with plant based inks
Corks made from waste materials
Sugarcane fibre paper label

We've got fans!

This product is absolutely amazing! Tastes divine and beautiful bottle. Love the fact it’s helping to save the turtles. It tastes quite 'vanilla-ry' and works a treat with coke. Would most definitely buy again!
Charlotte, Leeds
Brilliant stuff. Puts you in a good mood for good vibes!
Josh, Manchester
This rum has a unique and beautiful flavour like no other I've tasted - it's delicious. I thoroughly recommend it. My new favourite. Good luck with saving the turtles!
Daniel, London

Caribbean Spiced Rum


We think you'll love our award-winning Caribbean Spiced Rum! Expect sweet vanilla to float across the palate before a wave of toasted nutmeg, cinnamon and raisin breaks, allowing a hint of cardamom and sea salt to nestle on the taste buds.

For a limited time, you'll now recieve a FREE Hawksbill tote bag with your order too.

Hawksbill Caribbean Spiced Rum


As seen in

A brilliant rum. It has a fruity twang to it and tastes like no other I've tasted before and is firmly in my top 5 rums!
You need to put this on your bucket list.
Nice and smooth with a subtle spice. Great cause with 10% going towards saving the Hawksbill turtle. Will definitely buy again!
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