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3 ways to reduce your food waste

News – 5 Sept 2022

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It's Zero Waste Week!

Every September, there is a whole week dedicated to reducing food waste and encouraging us all to have a better impact on our planet. As sustainability and the future of our planet is so important to us here at Hawksbill Rum, it's a week we always look forward to; even more so now that we've launched our new fruit flavours.

In the spirit of Zero Waste Week, we wanted to put a handful of tips together that will help you reduce your food waste at home...

1. Plan ahead

You might be a meal prepper or a last-minute 'throw it together' kind of person but either way, by getting a bit more organised with your meals you'll be able to reduce your food waste massively. Fresh ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and potatoes can be used in SO many recipes throughout the week and certainly won't get boring! Stock on these types of ingredients to save money, prevent food waste and make the most of what's left in your fridge.

2. Make homemade syrups

Whether you're a cocktail lover like us or are equally obsessed with adding a flavored syrup to your morning coffee, did you know you can make these at home? One of our favourite ones is ginger syrup which is super versatile and we don't know about you, but we always have ginger leftover and we don't like wasting it!

All you need to do is peel some ginger, cut it into tiny cubes and then immerse it in sugar. Leave it for a couple of days and the sugar will have drawn the liquid out of the ginger and left you with a delicious syrup. This is perfect to add to our delicious 'Hawksbill Ginger Fizz'.

3. Cheers to fruit juices

It's no secret how much we LOVE drinking rum but believe it or not, we're big fans of fresh and zingy fruit juices too. We've added fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste into our Mango and Pineapple spiced rums, but we do this with smoothies and fruit juices too. Keep an eye out for reduced fruit in supermarkets or subscribe to services like Odd Box to get perfectly fine fruit that doesn't look 'perfect' but still tastes wonderful. Pineapple, lime, orange and lemon juices are staples we couldn't live without... mainly because they're our go-to cocktail ingredients, after the rum of course!

We hope these all come in handy and help reduce your food waste in Zero Waste Week and beyond! Don't forget that if you shop our range of rums this week, we'll throw in a FREE Hawksbill tote bag to say thank you. Happy shopping!

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