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Winter update from the Barbados Sea Turtle Project

News – 10 Dec 2021

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Sea Turtle Conservation in the Caribbean

Of course, Christmas is coming but that doesn't put a stop to the work needed to help protect sea turtles in the Caribbean.

If you didn't already know, we donate 10% of our profits from Hawksbill Rum bottle sales to our amazing conservation partner, the Barbados Sea Turtle Project. The team out in Barbados are serious Hawksbill turtle heroes, and we wanted to give you all an update so you know exactly what your orders of our Caribbean Spiced Rum are helping to fund...

Nesting season in Barbados

Hawksbill sea turtles typically nest between May and October, so as you can imagine, that's the busiest time of year for the BSTP team! There was a 9pm curfew in Barbados due to COVID-19, and whilst this doesn't affect the patrols of the team, it does mean that they get fewer calls from visitors and members of the public who may spot sea turtles in danger. The team rescued 5 female Hawksbill turtles from life-threatening situations though where the turtles were wandering on roads and wedged under buildings but managed to be saved and returned safely to the sea. This isn't easy work as adult Hawksbill turtles can grow up to 45 inches long and weigh 150lbs!

(Top image shows lots of successful egg hatchings, bottom left is a turtle being carried back to the beach and bottom right is just some of the amazing BSTP volunteers!)

By the end of August, over 500 Hawksbill sea turtles had been observed nesting which is amazing news! Once they arrived, hatchlings tend to get themselves in some difficult situations though and only 1% of them survive their first year, which is heartbreaking. In just ONE week, the BSTP team estimated they resuced 6,500 hatchlings(!) which is brilliant work, and it's actually due to the 9pm curfew that less hatchlings are being crushed by cars and getting themselves in life-threatening situations.

To keep in the loop with what the Barbados Sea Turtle Project are up to, follow their Facebook or Instagram pages. You can also donate to their cause directly through their website, or of course, pick up a bottle of Hawksbill today and we’ll happily donate on your behalf!

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