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5 ways to make the most of your Hawksbill Rum

News – 10 Oct 2022

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Sustainability is high up on our agenda at Hawksbill Rum and we hope it is for you too! If we all come together, we can make a positive impact on our planet because even the smallest lifestyle changes can have a huge impact.

That being said, there are at least 5 ways you can make the most of your Hawksbill Caribbean Spiced Rum order...

Use the rum in zero-waste recipes Whether that means using frozen fruit as a cocktail garnish or making the most of the limes at the back of your fridge, there are plenty of fruits that can be used alongside your Hawksbill Rum to save it from being thrown away. Don't forget that our Mango and Pineapple Spiced Rums are both made using fruit that would otherwise gone to waste too. If you need any tips for reducing food waste, read our blog.

Reuse your bottle Your Hawksbill Rum comes in a pretty swanky glass bottle (if you ask us) so it'd be a waste to just chuck it in the bin! Either pop it down to your local bottle bank to recycle it, use it as a vase or even display it alongside your other favourite turtle goodies as a special little nod to your favourite animal.

Carry your Hawksbill Rum tote There aren't many places that we can think of where a tote bag won't come in handy! Food shopping, trips to the gym, errand running, and gift giving are all a little bit easier with a tote bag, and even better when they look as good as our Hawksbill totes. We're still giving them away with every order on our website, so if you haven't got one yet then now is the time to 'bag' yours!

Recycle your packaging We know it's all very exciting when your Hawksbill Rum bottle arrives at your door, but don't let the excitement of the new arrival distract you from the recyclable packaging. We took our time sourcing our packaging to make sure it was fully recyclable so please make sure it doesn't just end up on a landfill.

Spread the word Last but not least, make sure you share Hawksbill Rum with your friends and help them discover their new favourite Caribbean spiced rum. Not only does that mean they get to taste this award-winning spirit, but that will help us make more donations to our conservation partner, Barbados Sea Turtle Project. That's right, we donate 10% of our profits from bottle sales to them to help us protect the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle.

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