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Are you ready for Earth Day?

News – 20 Apr 2021

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Saving the planet can be thirsty work...

For those of you who don't know, Earth Day is taking place this Thursday 22nd April. It's something that countries across the world all come together to get involved in and it's an amazing cause. The theme this year is ‘Restore Our Earth’ aiming to empower and expand the environmental movement one person at a time.

It's no secret how much Team Hawksbill loves our beloved Hawksbill turtle and how important our mission is to protect it. So, ahead of Earth Day, we wanted to share some ways that YOU can make a positive impact on the planet and our sea wildlife too!

1. Get involved with a local clean up

It's so important to recognise the impact that humans are having on the planet and especially our seas. Unfortunately, plastic pollution is increasing and having an awful impact on our marine wildlife, so if you can get involved and be part of the solution, why not?

There really is nothing stopping you from getting involved with local clean-ups and your support is needed. Even simple things like making sure you take all your litter home with you after a day at the beach or park can make a huge difference. How about getting involved with volunteer litter picking or beach clean-ups in your area? We all have a part to play to take care of our planet. Find your nearest clean-up here!

2. Eat well

If you can, try to move towards a more mindful diet, as well as eating and drinking more sustainably. Research shows that food and drink production and consumption are rapidly deteriorating the planet. Basically, our consumption habits are pushing the planet to breaking point right now!

Getting involved in things such as #MeatFreeMonday, by shopping locally and reducing your food waste can all help. Changing up just one or two things on the weekly food shop will make a difference too and you don't even have to compromise on taste, because nobody wants that!

3. Grow your own

Want to reduce the miles made by your ingredients? Well, there’s no better way than growing your own! If you're thinking of starting your own kitchen garden - including how to grow your own ginger - have a read online to help you get set up. The best time to begin growing ginger in this country is in Spring. It's an amazing cocktail ingredient too - FYI!

4. Drink sustainably, save the turtles!

Earth Day is all about making positive changes to help the environment which is really important to us here at Hawksbill. Even the smallest of changes can have a huge impact when everyone joins together for a cause!

10% of all the profits from Hawksbill sales go directly towards turtle conservation projects in the Caribbean helping to protect the future of endangered animals such as the Hawksbill turtle. So join us in drinking rum to save our turtles!

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