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What is the Barbados Sea Turtle Project?

News – 18 Jan 2021

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Save our Turtles

Here at Hawksbill, we're as passionate about our Caribbean spiced rum as we are about helping protect the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle. When we created our rum, we wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on our planet and most importantly, these critically endangered creatures. With us having a strong connection to the Caribbean, we wanted to work with The Barbados Sea Turtle Project to help fund their turtle conservation projects. That’s why the profits from each bottle of Hawksbill sold are donated to them.

Meet the team

The Barbados Sea Turtle Project is based at the University of West Indies which is in, you guessed it, Barbados! They’ve been involved in the conservation of sea turtle species for over 25 years, and they’ve done some really amazing work in that time, especially for our much-loved Hawksbill turtle. The aim of BSTP is to help restore sea turtle populations to allow them to fulfill their roles in the ocean. Hawksbill turtles aren’t just cute, they also maintain coral reefs which helps to make the oceans a safer place to be for all those that call it home. The day-to-day duties of the project vary all of the time as they can be doing anything from giving Hawksbill turtles that have got stuck or hurt a helping hand to patrolling Barbados beaches overnight during nesting season. They’ve even got a 24-hour ‘Sea Turtle Hotline’ where they respond to calls about all sea turtle and hatchling emergencies. These guys really care about the future of sea turtles and we’re proud to be supporting them!

You can keep in the loop with what they’re up to by following their Facebook or Instagram pages. You can also donate to their cause directly through their website, or of course, pick up a bottle of Hawksbill today and we’ll happily donate on your behalf.

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